Sunday, July 31, 2011

Abuse And Amuse

We walked pass the baby aisles in Superstore, and Ming says, "Oh look, baby bottles. Get yourself one. They [suit you]."
"Ha .... ha.... you're so funny."


Ming : "It takes more than 10 minutes to get to SilverCity from our place."
Me : "Nah, it takes about 10 minutes."
Ming : "More like 15-20 minutes."
Me : "And then there are previews that we can miss."
Ming : "And line-ups to get the tickets."
Ming : "15 minutes."
Me : "10 minutes."
(It took 10 minutes, but there was a huge line-up).


Ming : "It's orange??."
Me : "Yah, kaya is a peachy colour."
Ming : "It's brown."
Me : "Brown?? it's peach."
Ming : "Maybe yellow."
Me : "Peach."
Ming : "Peach like orange?".
Me : "Yah."
Ming : "No, it's brown."


We're walking through automatic sliding doors at Aberdeen when Ming said, "Do you know that if the automatic sliding doors don't open for you, that means you don't have a soul?".
Me : ??? "Where did you get that from?".
Ming : "Don't you watch the Simpsons?".


While watching Coco sleep...

Ming : "You're poking her."
Me : "I'm not poking her, I'm stroking her ears."
Ming : "She's twitching 'cause you're poking her."
Me : "You're touching her too."
Ming : "But she's not twitching when I touch her 'cause I'm not poking her."

It's an abuse and amuse relationship. Even through all that "bickering" and teasing, hanging out with him five days out of  the last seven doesn't have me saying that it was "five days too many".

Maybe just four. Days too many.

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