Friday, September 16, 2011

Moon Cakes

Yes, I've picked up my dslr again. Back to playing with my 50mm lens. Am still in love with it. In the midst, of my last laptop breaking down and trying to find a new one, I also got myself a new point-and-shoot. My last baby (the camera) was attached at my hip for the past 6 years. I was so sad to see it go... it was my first love (my very first camera that I bought as a new grad with my own hard earned money).

Even with getting my dslr, it was still the comfort I fell back on. I couldn't bring my dslr everywhere I went, so there was always a place for my tiny point-and-shoot. But, one day, during the hockey playoffs, it went ka-put on me. It still works but the screen flickers on and off. And with a camera that has no viewfinder, it's pretty much usless.

Anyway, I ended up getting a Lumix LX-5. I've always wanted it. (Well, used to be the LX-3). Much better performance in low light, and a whole lot more control with manual settings. I was torn to love it. It's bigger. It's more complicated. I just wanted my old one back. I would get irrationally angry that I had left the ISO setting on at 1600 in broad daylight and mindlessly started shooting. Why must I get all these settings for what is suppose to be a simpler camera in a point-and-shoot? But, I slowly grew to love it... That has now become my everyday camera.

We got along just fine all summer long. Now, I'm getting more used to the LX-5 and am happy with my buy. Wasn't until last week at the shower, I finally picked up my abandoned dslr again. And, I love... It was like meeting up with an old friend for coffee. The familiarity and comfort comes pouring back.

I couln't let go of it for the first hour of the shower. I was of little help with set up being so preoccupied with my camera. But from that, I took this photo of Kat's moon cakes. Aren't they amazing? Homemade moon cakes. Green tea, black sesame, and plain. Filled with either red bean or lotus paste. I think they're gorgeous.

Well, someone's gotta do the documenting... ;)

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