Friday, September 30, 2011

A Bum Day

I had taken a few days off last week to help out with any last minute errands for Bran and Dan's wedding. Or, really, it was an excuse to just hang out and let the anticipation of a good friend's wedding day build up inside of me just to make celebrating that day that much more exciting. It's great. With my friends anyway, especially if we're part of the wedding party, we all take a few days off and spend most of that time together.

So, in other words, I felt like I had a mini staycation. Friends dedicating time to spend with each other. Doing much of nothing other than eating, chatting, and laughin'. In a city we're familiar with and we all call home. There's nothing quite like a staycation with friends.

Now that the wedding is done, and my duties as wedding party have been completed, I'm back to my own humdrum life. I like humdrum. But when in transition from staycation with friends back to humdrum, I sometimes find myself a little lost and not knowing what to do with my time. Of course, there's laundry. Or, tidying up all those craft supplies and scrapbooking paper that I used earlier for Bran's shower. Reminding myself my bills are due soon. And that deadline for methadone maintenance training that I have to do for work is creeping up.

But, I decided I'm going to leave today's humdrum day off as what it really is. A humdrum day off. A day off from everything.

I woke up late. Slept in and stay in my warm, cozy bed a little longer. I slapped the "off" button on my alarm clock, flip around to the other side of my bed, and slept some more. When I finally decided to get out of bed, I took a loooooong, refreshing shower. My coworkers had talked about the Thomas Haas double baked almond croissant the day before (yes, the Thomas Haas double baked almond croissant), and if I were to give myself one thing I had to do today, it would be to drive all the way down W. Broadway to get one. I texted Bran to see if she wanted to accompany me.

I was ready to step out the door, but I told her I'd leave in an hour. Because, who's rushing? Caught up on the blogs that I follow, surfed a bit of youtube, and putted around the house before I pulled a comfy sweatshirt over my head and headed over to pick up Bran. Comfy bum clothes, a perfectly brewed cup of London Fog, and half of a ... yes, Thomas Haas double baked almond croissant. Craving satisfied and relaxed to the max. (Sorry that was lame, but just had to throw it in there).

Then, we went to one of my favorite places, Granville Island, and spent almost an hour at one spot... browsing through every single sauce, dip, and dressings at the Stock Market. I ended up buying a jar of cranberry and figs chutney that I think will go perfectly with some tasty turkey leg that I plan to make. Can't wait to try it.

I dropped off Bran before I went out for dinner with Ming. Zipang it was tonight. I was craving Japanese but wanted to go somewhere other than our usual, and also somewhere that wasn't too far and too busy. Good ol' familiar flavours and I was comfortably full and satisfied.

Of course, it only takes meeting up with Karen to tip me over being comfortably full... I knew it was dessert night at her place, but I thought I'd nibble a bit of this and that, and call it a night. Ming dropped me off at my girls' night. I had brought a few chocolate sparkle cookies from Thomas Haas (also to die for). Karen baked a homemade apple pie, while Jen brought over a fancy cheese platter from Benton Brothers. Whoa, full on party mode! But it really wasn't. We were all in our sweats and Lulu's, and parked ourselves at the dining table... but when it comes to girls' night, we always know how to eat!

From Benton Brothers

My Favorite Cheese
KDer's homemade apple pie - mmm!
You're not at KDer's place if there isn't vino.

Now, I'm stuffed. And can't go to sleep. But, it was an absolutely perfect bum day. Love it.

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