Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friends With Benefits

Wendy was the EOD for the weekend of the ritzy hotel that she works at. (If you know your hotels, there's a hint in the photos where this may be, but otherwise, not directly going to name out where Wendy works). Now, "EOD" to me in prescription lingo means "every other day", which makes no sense in hotel management terms. And although Wendy has told me several times what it stands for... I don't remember. Basically, she is the person in charge... and that means she's pretty important I guess... haha... and with that, she gets to be treated a little special. And us being her friends means we get to reap in the benefits along with her. YESSS!!! 

We got to enjoy a lovely afternoon high tea at a fancy piano lounge in the hotel pretty much free. (What we ended up paying was pretty much the tip). I have to say... I've high tea'd (did I just change high tea into a verb?) here before paying full price, and it's no different. It's probably one of the best high tea places in town.

Wendy insisted I use this photo of her (out of several that I took) for my blog. (She reads my blog!) With the pinky up in the air and all. Seeing a close friend in professional attire and having people be extra courteous to them because they're somewhat important is always a little bizarre. To me, Wendy is Wendy. The girl I met in grade 2 and grew up with... the one who loves holes in her casual jeans... the one who's stuck her socks in my face when she was drunk... the one -, well, let's leave the rest of her stories for her wedding day.

Overall, I enjoyed an amazing tea session with the girls. (Their scones are the best!). 

Even with their curtains blowing in my face. 

They had the windows open. The sun was shining. Sitting by the window, their wispy curtains blew in blocking my view of even the tower of sandwiches and sweets. Wendy takes her phone out to take a picture  for her report, adding to her extensive list of complaints of "unacceptables". I personally didn't mind it so much.

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