Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Chefs And A Table

I generally like my eggs scrambled and my Sundays lazy. One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday is brunch, and I think I just found a new favorite. This quaint little restaurant was super packed. When we got there, there was a line-up outside. You know it must be good if all these people were willing to wait out in the pouring rain. Including us. 

I'm not always in the mood for pancakes but for some reason, this time I was. And boy am I glad I got it. The fresh apple bits add a perfect touch of sweet and tart. The sausages came with a tasty mustard, and might I also add... their sausages are not your usual breakfast ones. Along with our food, there was another plate for syrup, ketchup, vanilla butter, and homemade berry and cardamom jam. And you know what matters most to me... a nice and fluffy scrambled eggs. I tell ya... it can't get any fluffier than that!

Oh, it was worth the 45 minute wait in the pouring rain. With good company, it never seems to matter anyway. A "down" side, some might say, is the area where you'd find this restaurant. Some may describe it as sketchy. And true, there were a couple drunks walking around. But I'm so used to these "bums", (since my workplace isn't in the greatest area also), it didn't phase me at all. 

I have to go back to Two Chefs And A Table.

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