Friday, October 19, 2012

Obsessed, My Honey

When we stopped by this honey place at the PNE this summer, Ray recommended that I try out this local honey. I bought a bottle because I ran out of honey at home, and I do occasionally use it. Little did I know that this would start an obsession. My favorite right now is to slap it on toast with a bit of butter/margarine. Is it crazy that it makes the non-morning person that I am a little more... willing to get up in the morning? Yah... apparently a little bit of honey is all it takes.

This honey is from Honeybee Centre based locally in Surrey. Did you know that a lot of honey available in stores are not actually pure honey? According to Ray, the gov't food inspector, a lot of honey made elsewhere contains corn syrup. Only function is to making the product cheaper for higher profits. Hence, his advice is to always buy Canadian honey because well, that's not allowed here. Ray claims the honey from Honeybee Centre is some good quality honey. So much so that he'll let it slide this time that these jars are not properly labelled to our federal standards. (No? No handwritten labels with a sharpee?).

I'm currently using the raspberry honey. Yes, they blend berries into their honey. The high sugar content keeps these bacteria-free. The flavour is still dominantly honey with a hint of raspberries, which I think is much more yummy than jam. (In my opinion anyway). Are you freakin' kidding me??! You have FOUR jars of honey for one of you?! Go ahead. Think it.

Although Jen does the same, she says her husband claims only "old people" spread honey on their toast. Hmm... well, maybe it's the old people who know where to find the good stuff!

This is absolutely not a paid advertisement for their products. I just enjoy it that much that I wanted to share it.

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