Monday, October 22, 2012

Go Bananas

I'm sure judging by the looks of those bananas, you can guess what I made tonight.

Start with mashing the bananas. 

Adding in the butter, egg, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, and spices.

Last would be the flour. It it so crazy easy to make.

Get your batter in the pan.

Banana bread in 50 minutes. The aroma in the kitchen alone was worth the bake. I love it. I should really make this more often. This will be my breakfast for the next couple of days.

My loaf did turn out a little.. short. But that could also be due to my approximations when measuring. It didn't affect the taste at all. Moist and packed with banana with spices to enhance.

I purposely didn't mash the bananas to a pulp because I love that you can still see bits and pieces of banana scattered throughout the loaf. 

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen. (minus the bourbon).

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