Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas High Tea

Our own private tea station where we got to take a waft of each tea before we made our selection.
When we were kids, we all had Christmas traditions of opening presents early morning on Christmas day and even writing a letter or leaving out cookies for Santa. Now that we are older, we can now start new traditions of our own. My family is all about traditions and celebrations. We'll use any excuse to get together and have a good time. We've somehow started a new tradition amongst my cousins and our friends, and that is, Christmas high tea. 

This year, we had made reservations for the Xi-Shi Lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel, but with us being nobody's, and because of a somebody else, who was willing to buy out the entire lounge for their own party, we were transferred to a private room up at their restaurant, Market.

With connections to the hotel, we were able to also move their lounge pianist up to our private room too. Imagine that! Our own pianist for our own private high tea party. What we got was a comfy and modern room with a fireplace, which made it extra cozy for our little afternoon get-together. 

Beautiful festive decorations.

Karen and Wendy smelling the tea. Shangri-La has their own blends of tea. I chose their "Christmas Lights" blend, which was a green tea with tiny specks of red cherry.

Even Baby Sarah and Sophie made it out. She wasn't all too happy to be at an adult party though. The Shangri-La Hotel also gives out stuffed animal bears to little kiddies, which probably wouldn't have done much to comfort her. She just wouldn't have it. 

My favorite part of high tea are the sandwiches. My pick out of this selection would be the salmon on the open-faced bagel. I'm not sure I'd say they make the best sandwiches for high tea, but not complaining. They are still pretty good.

Okay, maybe I lied. With high tea particularly at the Shangri-La, my favorite is actually their scones. (Anywhere else, it would be the sandwiches.) They make the best scones I've ever had. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and not dry at all. Mmm... just typing this makes me want one right now. Scones are generally a hit-or-miss at other high tea places I've been to.

By the time I get to desserts, I'm usually done. Too full to pack it all in. But this is the reason why we choose the Shangri-La for Christmas high tea every year. Their high teas are seasonal, meaning they change their menus every few months. Because it's Christmas, it's of course, most fitting to have festive desserts. Gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark marshmallows, a chocolate Christmas log, and my favorite... the eggnog creme brulee. So yummy.

And lastly, but not least...a picture of the group!

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