Sunday, December 23, 2012

'Tis The Season

Bro : "They say that money doesn't buy happiness. But when you give it to others, it makes you happy. So really, money can bring you happiness. It's by giving it away."

It is true. 'Tis the season for giving!

When we were young, like every other child, we would get so excited the night before Christmas we cannot sleep. For many early years, we believed in Santa. We hung stockings on our fireplace and were ecstatic to find presents in them. We woke up early Christmas morning sitting by the tree waiting for our parents to wake up. Christmas Eve was always dedicated to a family gathering with everyone on my mom's side. And Christmas Day was spent with my dad's side. We always shared an enormous turkey. We sipped on eggnog. We sang Christmas carols by the piano. We opened Christmas crackers. We did everything Christmas. And I am thankful to have shared all these traditions with all my loved ones.

Now that I am older, I'm happy to see traditions carry on. The excitement now doesn't come from opening presents, but finding that perfect gift for that loved one and watching them opening theirs. (I can't wait till they open their presents this year!). There will be laughter shared over games and food comas from devouring too much turkey. We will still jam Christmas songs on the piano. And now, it's not just my mom and dad's sides of the family, but my friends - that I've met through elementary school, highschool, and university... will all come together too and join us at my aunt's house. And this makes me so happy. All my loved ones under one roof!

Looking back on this year, it wasn't the most stellar one. With watching loved ones going through heartbreaks in losing theirs, going through heartbreaks of my own, enduring a frustrating recovery period of an injury, and going through changes at work... has left me sometimes helplessly broken in spirit. But I'm always reminded that you have to experience the bad to really appreciate the good.

I'm so blessed. To family and close friends : I appreciate and love you. See you all in the next couple of days!

Let the festivities begin!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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