Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kick-Off To The Christmas Season

Aight, this isn't really a kick-off post, considering I've already done a dozen Christmas-related things but just haven't blogged. But here it is, a kick-off party so therefore a kick-off post. This party was arranged a couple months ago, and finally, it's happenin'. To be honest, I was totally looking forward to it. Not only did it mark the beginning on a self-created long weekend (arranged it with my boss that I needed an extra day off to recuperate before the hoorah crazy busy Christmas season), but I just really wanted to hang out with a big group of people that I'm most comfortable with. In the end, I realized that it was a big reunion of all types. Present at the party was a friend from elementary school, a couple people from highschool that I haven't seen since highschool, my cousin and her fiance and her coworker (whom we've dubbed as our VSO crew), and many from my good ol' dragonboat days. Almost my entire life showed up at the party... almost. (And a bunch that I didn't know too).

The night started off with me making a few dozen chicken drummettes for the party. I left about a dozen at home just for myself and family. Sorry, was in such a rush, there is no finish product photo. But, it was such a hit! The 40 drummettes were gone at the party, and by the time I got home, the dozen I left at home were gone too!

The party was at Bert's. Great big party room with a view. The only reason I got the girls to smile this big is because moments before this picture, we spiked Wendy's ginger ale without her knowing it. 

Wendy : This ginger ale tastes funny.
Kathy : Really? How?
Wendy : It's a bit bitter.
Me : (takes a sip from her cup). It tastes fine to me. 
Wendy : Did you guys put something in it?? 
Kathy : How would we have done that? (There were no evidence of alcohol bottles around us).
Karen : (takes a sip from Wendy's cup). No, it tastes like ginger ale. 
Wendy : Maybe the ginger ale's gone bad. Am I going to get sick?

Shortly after, I was distracted by the entrance of MacMac! Auntie Kat wakes her up. But MacMac was cool with that. She's cool with anything.

MacMac meets her friend, who was born just four days before her.

They're holding hands!

Left : Me and MacMac. Right : MacMac partying it up with her dad.

Ok, enough of babies.

The party goes on.

The drunkiness brings out a "yoga-off", a competition on who's more stable, grounded and focus under the influence.


Thanks to host and hostess, Bert and Mel for a great party! (pictured with Fred and Winnie).

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