Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Haven't Been Posting

Yah. I haven't been posting. Life happens.

But, there is so so so much I wish I had time to document. New things I've experienced. Photos and pictures to keep. Great joys that bring life. But just not enough time in a day to even do it all, let alone document.

Life is good.

It definitely isn't without bad news and sorrows, frustrations and anger, and of course it's stresses and despair. But these are all inevitably part of life. And without it to contrast, it wouldn't be as easy to see the beautiful.

So, I've met someone new. I don't normally write much here, but rather, just post photos of things that either make me happy or things I want to remember. But I felt the need to write. About it. Because I want to remember if I could... this feeling of fascination of meeting someone new. The feeling of refreshment. Excitement. Like learning something new for the very first time. So much to see. So much to experience. So much to share.

It's like the very same feeling I felt when I picked up the chef's knife at the Dirty Apron and learned how to filet a fish for the very first time. Or the first time I strapped on harnesses to ziptrek across the forest at Whistler. The feeling of pure excitement.

I guess it's not every time you meet someone new that you'd feel this way. But when you do...  

Oh yah. The Dirty Apron experience? I have yet to tell you all about that. An experience of a lifetime. I'll save that one for next time.

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