Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Pool 2014

With my last post, of course there was an Oscar Party. There was no loud music, no crazy boozing, no dressing up, no funky decorations or party favours... but it was still a party. We call everything a party. That's how we get together - we celebrate everything. At this party, we all entered our Oscar pool ballots, taking our best stabs at who we think would win each award category. Each person puts in $5. With the total of eleven of us, the pot was $55.

While watching pretty, skinny people, we could only think to snack on guilt-free raw vegetables. (Har har). Karen made two yummy dips - a miso dip and a curry dip. Mmm!

We lounged around at my aunt's place in our bum clothes, and watched the winners being announced after Ellen's monologue.

We marked our papers, and cheered loudly when any of us were right. "YAHH!!!". Then we trash texted the people who were playing with us but weren't there, whenever they were wrong. 

All the while, little S was being so quiet and good playing with her baby toy.

She grabbed the last cherry tomato from the veggie plate. Think she liked that one the best because it was a "ball ball".

Then she gave me her mommy's signature evil stare when I was disturbing her watching Auntie Bran's video of a bunny.

But I bugged her anyway, 'cause I can't get enough of little S.

Bran and Dan brought over some yummy treats from Malaysia. They are sweet and dissolve in your mouth. 

We all crowded around to check out Karen's masterpiece. 

This gorgeous banana chocolate cream pie! 

What is better than ending this night off with this deliciously decadent cream pie? 

I won the pool!

Well, Dan and I both won the pool. $27.50 for each of us. Afterwards, Karen sent out a rather formal email confirming our win to the rest who were part of the pool but didn't show up at the party. I wrote an email back in reply : 

I want to thank the academy for giving me this opportunity for a win I truly do not deserve. All my co-players were just as amazing and this win goes out to you all. NOT!! And finally, I want to thank my family, Karen and Ray, for putting together this oscar pool... For which, without them, I wouldn't be writing this winning speech for my free dim-sum meal courtesy of all my friends. Muwhahhahaha.

Ray then replied with :

Like the Olympics who conduct random drug testing... I would like to point out that Amie's Oscar selection was submitted at 12:05 pm, 5 min past the deadline. In compliance with IOC regulation, Amie's gold medal should be stripped and the sole gold medalist, and sole winner, should be Dan.
And for pointing out this violation, it's only fair that Dan should split the winnings with the silver medalists.
Looks like I'm having dim sum with the Yees!!!!! Muuuuuwaaahahahahaha!
I ended it off with :
Sadly, wrong event. Who applies Olympic rules to the oscars?? There are no podiums for the best actress and best actor. And in compliance with the oscars, like brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, always "fashionably late". 

But with the kindness of Jolie's humanitarian heart, I'm sure dan and I can work out something to use our winnings to treat dim sum. 

Just us. Being silly.

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