Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vancouver Canucks

I love me a hockey game. I live in Vancouver. Hockey is the life of this city. Whether you're a hardcore fan or a bandwagoner, everyone gets sucked into following the game at some point. I don't live hockey like some do. I don't know most of their stats. I don't follow every game. I don't have all their merchandise. But I do get into the hype when they have a good run at the play-offs. I've been to a craaazyy playoff game. I've gone downtown to hang out with the city's parties. I've taken a vacation day from work to watch game seven for the Stanley Cup. Experiencing the spirit of it all. 

M is a season ticket holder, so I had the privilege to join her for a game tonight. The intro light show to each game always gets me going. M also showed me all the tricks to getting a free drink at the concession stand, entering myself into draws that people don't know about, and getting Canucks freebies. We scarfed down some hot dogs and pizza ( cheap Costco food ) before going in. Ahh, hockey games are always a good time. 

We bumped into B and D at the game, so afterwards, we met up for cheap wings night. All in all, a perfect, chillaxing night.

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