Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday Evenings

I've been loving loving loving Tuesday evenings. I've scheduled myself for early shifts on Tuesdays for the next several months so I could be a part of a volleyball league. The last time (since the start of the league two weeks ago) I touched a vball was probably 10 years ago... when I played in intramurals after school during my years in pharmacy school. I was never great. Never good even. But, I have so much fun. I love it.

Yesterday night, I worked a night shift. This morning, I worked a morning shift. These back to back shifts are sometimes pretty brutal, and I'm pretty exhausted afterwards. When I got off work today, I wasn't sure I'd last to make it to vball. But, even in the zombie state I was, I went home, changed into proper gear, did a horrible tape job on my sprained thumb, and out the door I went.

Once I'm on the court though, I always find a second wind. My teammates (consisting of people I've only met two weeks ago at the start of the season) have been pretty amazing. All very relaxed and supportive. We cheer at all our great hits and wins. We cheer at all our misses and loss. We're laughing all the time, whether it's really all that funny or not. We are all there with the same intentions - to have a great time playing volleyball.

We have players of all playing levels. We are part of a rec team, but some do play better than others. But no matter your skills or there lack of, everyone is really great with each other. I really can't ask for a better team made up of individual sign-ups. By this third week, I can already feel us gelling as a team. Mainly in spirit. Once you got that, even the playing falls in to place. We've been winning some and losing some. The ones we lose, we come so close. Not that any of us care.

I come home tonight feeling energized. Don't know if it's the sport or the people. Or both. Whatever it is, I'm loving Tuesday evenings.

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