Sunday, January 11, 2015

Matters Of The Eye

This is way cool so I have to post it. I've been wanting new glasses for some time now, but without a valid prescription, I couldn't get them. Even having a good friend as an eye doctor doesn't help bypass the eye exam part. ("Can't you just write a prescription for the same degrees as my current prescription??" was answered with the "You know better" look. Like I said, she's a good friend. Good friends do the right thing and make sure I get my eyes checked regularly). 

What was suppose to be a routine eye exam actually ended up showing that I had some irritation in my right eye. "Your left eye is really dry! And your right eye is irritated." We couldn't really think of why that would be... but this meant letting it heal with prescription eye drops and getting another check up. 

"Oh!!! Normally, I wouldn't want to take my iphone up to the [equipment] if it's a patient patient, but since you're not really a patient patient, let me take a picture with my iphone of what I see!".

M was so excited that there was something to diagnose and show. First, she stained the "rash" on my eye with some sort of dye so that it would show up better with the blue light. Then, she snapped a photo through the viewfinder to what she saw with her phone. I asked her to send it to me, and the above is what you get. 

If you can see, there's a white cloud of specks on the middle part of my eye ball, and that's the indication of an irritation on the eye. It could have been me rubbing my eye vigorously... or.. who knows. I found that so fascinating! 

After a few days of Tobradex "qid", I went back for a check up today. It has cleared up quite a bit, with a few patches left, so I was told. So, all is okay. Give it a couple of more days and it should be fine. Since this though, I have been a bit more aware of my eye rubbing. Isn't that cool? What an eye doctor goes to school to learn and can see and understand that we otherwise have no clue! And a super close-up photo of my eye with the phone... pretty awesome.

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