Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rain Night In

It's raining out. It's Vancouver. It's a Saturday night and I have the weekend off. But instead of getting out there and enjoying the city, as I yearn to do when I'm working, I find myself spending the night in. It's all good though because I got a few things I never seem to find time to do. Like backing up my photos. Like updating this blog. Like taking a cat nap. Like lying in bed and staring up at the ceiling. (A favorite past time of mine). So currently, enjoying a great lineup of muuuusic as I cozy on up with my blanket and sipping on my tea while I enjoy all the above. 

"Kintsukuroi" by Hey Rosetta!

"Shut Up And Dance" by Walk The Moon

"My Body" by Young The Giant

"Monkey Tree" by Mother Mother

Off topic, totally sad that I missed a Disney concert performed by local indie band members around the time of the holidays. Would have been fun!

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