Thursday, November 15, 2012

And Then There Was My Birthday

Picture in order of top to bottom, front left to right: 

1) Always wanted to try out Rodney's Oyster House in Yaletown. Not sure what took me so long. Now, with free parking in Yaletown (hehehe), guess I'll be there more often. So, why not hit up Rodney's Oyster House!
2) When with my friends, times of celebration always includes a little vino. Heck, who am I trying to kid... even at times not of celebration, there is always vino. This time, it's a yummy bottle of riesling from Tantalus. Supportin' the local wines.
3) I personally love drinking our wine from water glasses. Less pretentious and stuffy. And we toast!
4) Good times.
5) All the sauces for our raw oysters. My favorite was the Seawitch sauce.
6) Our raw oysters on a platter. Absolutely delicious. So fresh and SWEET. Only, it was very much like the ones we had that Will brought up from the States... and I'm sure he didn't pay $3.50 a pop.
7) We toast again! 
8) Jen and Wendy didn't care for raw oysters. So Jen toasted with a clam, and Wendy toasted with her spoonful of cooked oyster chowder.
9) Not sure what disgusting story Wendy was sharing this time... everyone seemed engrossed.
10) Our waiter took my camera. So apparently, Rodney is much like the male version of Cactus Club when it comes to servers... All servers are male. Generally tall and buff in physique. And good at chatting up a storm. Wendy seemed to have enjoyed them the most.
11) My beaaaautiful birthday cake from Ganache. The girls spoiled me rotten. Paid for my dinner, bought me a Ganache cake, and a gift cert to the Willowstream Spa. And this is why I sooo didn't want to go out for my birthday!!

Thanks for a super fun night!

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