Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whole Foods Recipe App

So after I got off the phone from a long conversation with Wendy, I realize that I still had to make my lunch for the next day. One of the best apps I found recently is the Whole Foods Recipe App. It provides free and healthy recipes, and of course, all ingredients are available at Whole Foods. I love it. Makes finding and cooking healthy recipes that much easier.

I don't always shop at Whole Foods, and certainly don't usually go for recipes that have a million ingredients,  especially if half of which I don't usually stock. So, this leads to a bit of substituting with my imagination. 

I made this "tangy curry tuna sandwich" recipe with a bit of my own twist. All changes made were based on what I had in my fridge. Instead of plain low fat yogurt, I used vanilla yogurt. Instead of dill, I used parsley. Instead of raisins, I used cranberries. Instead of bread, I used pita bread to make a wrap. I scrapped the lemon zest entirely (because I don't have any). Instead of measuring my ingredients, I eye-balled it.

Once everything was mixed, it smelled like Whole Foods. I know that sounds strange. And after a taste-test, it certainly tastes like something they would sell at Whole Foods. I said this out loud to my brother, and he gave me a weird look back. But when he taste-tested it, he had to laugh. What I said wasn't far off from the truth. It does taste like Whole Foods. Yeah... whatever that means.

My lunch box for tomorrow which I will pack with some fruit. I would certainly recommend the free Whole Foods Recipe App if you're wanting some ideas for what to make. Check out this Tangy Curry Tuna Sandwich (which I turned into a wrap). It's yummy and healthy!

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