Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Reunion Cruise Highlights #8 - Meet You At The Martini Bar

This Celebrity cruise ship had a gorgeous lounge called the Martini Bar. And yes, this bar served only martinis. Almost every night, the cousins met up at the lounge (sans kids when they were fast asleep... see! you can still travel with friends after having kids. Just gotta make it a cruise), and we'd all get a little buzz happy trying out their endless flavour selections on their menu.

Some were super yummy. Like the cosmo, the lychee, the hawaiian, and a whole lot more... but the others were rather nasty (super strong).

I don't know how many martinis we had all combined. After we were done, we built ourselves a little tower.

Mind ya, none of us are boozers. Most of my cousins on my dad side are the "wake up at 6am for a run or to hit the gym and eat all green and healthy" kind of people. And majority of them have kids, age ranging from ages 2 to 18. But, that doesn't mean ya can't build silly martini towers and booze till ya lose.... even on a family vacation.

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