Monday, November 12, 2012


This year, KDer and I hit up the Circle Craft Christmas Fair again. I am a sucker for fairs around this time of the year. The Christmas lights, the music, the happy shoppers (because it's not the mad dash to the mall time yet)... it all puts me in a cheery shopping mood. That is probably their whole tactic. And yes... oh-so-dangerous for my wallet.

KDer and I had planned it out. Meet up after work. Get to the fair. Book it to the Ukranian perogies stand and fill up our stomachs before we do any shopping. Of course, it didn't happen as planned. We got distracted by all the goodies so we never made it to food. Luckily, while walking to the fair, we had picked up our Christmas In a Cups at Buckies, so at least we had a bit of sugar to keep us going.

Two and half hours later, we both came out with bags of goodies and growling stomachs.

Will not share all the goodies that I got since some are Christmas presents, but here's one thing I bought myself. An "All Heal Salve" from Matter. Suppose to soothe irritated skin, good for cuts and scrapes, help cracked heels, and even softens doggie paws. As written, "great for gardeners, campers, rugby players, and other outdoor warriors." I am none of the above, but the dry and cold weather giving me chappy skin makes me feel like some of the above. Been trying it out for the past few days, and it's no miracle cream. But, it soothes and it smells really nice. Plus, I'm always a sucker for tin packaging.

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