Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Paradise On The Living Room Floor

Blogging has been neglected a little this year, I gotta admit. I was away for a couple of weeks during the first part of the year to spend a couple wondrous weeks in Asia to escape the winter, then I spent most of Spring totally distracted by a boy I hopelessly grew to really adore, then there was a whirlwind of a summer spent most concentrated on my cousin... and her wedding. In between, there was a whole lot of biking, friends, and city events... but much more of work and sleep. And somehow, that sucked up all of my time. Where does it all go?

When I get asked, "How is the photography coming along?". I'm left with replying with, "What photography?".

"Have you seen that TV show?".

"What TV show?".

"Did you hear....?".


"Have you done...?".


"Can you please...?".

"Sorry, no."

Just a couple weeks ago, when the wedding ended which also marked the end to a lot of my duties, I found paradise lying on the floor in the middle of my aunt's living room. My cousin and her brand new husband were at her in-laws. My aunt was entertaining out-of-town guests. My parents were home. I had just dropped off my uncle after taking him around town. I laid there for a while before my parents called to tell me I should come home for dinner. So, I went home... had my dinner...and drove back to my aunt's to find peace and quiet again lying on her living room floor.

I could hear the older bunch shuffling MJ tiles downstairs. One of my cousins had also come back to his mom's place to bum. He parked himself on the couch and threw a box of macarons on the coffee table. "Have one. They're from Seattle. Free. 'Cause I wrote them off on my expense report for work." Then a second cousin came over and parked himself on the other couch. Whipped out his phone and started checking his emails. Then my newly-wed cousins came over and popped open a bottle of red wine, and joined me on the floor. I had company. There was a house full of people. Four in the same room. Each sorta doing their own thing.

I laid there on the floor staring up at the ceiling fan whirling around. I heard my phone buzz. C texted me, "What are you up to?".

"Lying here on the floor and staring up at the ceiling," I texted back.

"Seriously? People do that?".

"It's paradise for me right now."

There's something about those quiet and still moments that are so satisfying. As if time froze for awhile. Giving me a breather.

But that's it. I'm ready to peel myself off the floor... and let's go again.

Blogging is back.

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