Thursday, December 26, 2013

Apple+Pear Galette

A random bake day. The festivities of the holidays are coming to an end, and with some time on my hands (which is rare), and some fruits I found getting a little over ripe in the fruit basket, I decided to bake another galette. It's kinda funny. It's always these no-plan bake days where my baking turns out best. I worked with the same dough recipe that I use all the time to make a galette, and I've baked this enough now that it's almost second nature.

I cut up the apples and pears, and started lining them however I felt like. Usually, I arrange them in a spiral or just toss them in there with no order, but today, I just let my fingers do the work. It was almost like art. Just let it go and see where it takes ya. Then I took out my bag of cranberries and decided to decorate the center.

My brother comes into the kitchen and looks at my masterpiece, "Why did you arrange it like that?".

Dunno. I really dunno. But I think it turned out the prettiest out of all the galettes I've made so far. And, the most delicious. The sweetness of the pear and the tartness of the apples go well together. Didn't think a part of baking would become second nature... I'm not normally a baker. Well, having received a few cookbooks for Christmas, I think I may be experimenting more in the kitchen in the New Year.

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