Friday, December 27, 2013

Sarah @ 18 Months

She is only one of the cutest babies I know. I still wanna smoosh her with hugs and kisses. She is at such a fun age. She knows a lot of words, but hasn't yet strung them together into sentences. She understands a lot, sometimes perhaps too much, and is soo much fun to play with. 

Whenever you ask her if she wants "mum mum", (meaning food), she always says "Yah". She loves food. So much so that sometimes, we have to spell the word, "F-O-O-D" so she doesn't understand what we're talking about. She comes up behind you and taps you on the back, or if you're sitting on the floor, she'll lean on you hinting that she wants a ride on your back. When you ask her if she's happy, she'll give you a pretend smile and laugh, and likewise if you ask her if she's sad, she'll give you a sad face. What a little actress! 

She loves calling herself "Rah Rah", and also loves taking pictures. She must check herself out after each shot taken, and demands you turn on your playback screen so she can see herself. She'll point to the camera and yell "RAH RAH!". That's one way to get her to obediently sit down for a minute. Point a camera at her, and she'll plop her butt on the floor. It's so cute. 

She loves playing the piano, and pretty much anything else that makes noise. If there's no noisemakers around, she'll make her own. She loves to "hoo hoo hee hee" like a monkey, and "roar" like a lion. She's also very good with other kids. If you tell her to share, she will. She doesn't quite get the concept of "playing together" just yet, but she likes and remembers people her size.

Oh, how I love her! I just love watching her grow.

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