Sunday, December 29, 2013

#CookieFactory #MerryXmas

Hashtag! (Cousins are on a hashtag frenzie... welcome to five years ago, right??).

The cookie factory was working full force this holiday, pumping out delicious cookies for the Christmas Eve party. There were gingerbread men and women, ginger crystal cookies, shortbreads, thumbprints (bird's nest) and sugar cookies. There were at least dozens of dozens of cookies. 

The cousins met up at my aunt's place, and we trashed her kitchen with some serious cookie baking business. Bryan, Yvonne's bf, somehow got roped into decorating cookies with us. "I was only dropping Yvonne off! She told me that I better come in to say hi... who knew I'd be decorating gingerbread cookies for three hours".

How could it take three hours to glue on buttons and dot the eyes? Well, this is what our gingerbread cookies look like...

We have your hoola girls! 

No party is the same without Minions.

The cute angel.


The medical team : a surgeon, doctor, and nurse. 

Even Luongo made it out to the party! HOCKEY GOALIES!!

The entire football team too.

Donatello and Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made an appearance.

The Sailormoon clan. 

And of course, 'tis the season for ugly sweaters. (Yvonne added the white hair lady on the end at the very last minute. "Don't forget the little old lady!").

And there was Ray, the perfectionist. Decorating all his cookies with such intricacies in his designs. Hence all those paper towels next to him to erase and wipe off icing just to start all over again.

While we were all decorating gingerbread cookies, KDer was finishing up on the sugar cookies. (The rest of the cookies were not pictured due to the workers of the cookie factory being too busy at work).

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