Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

So, it's happened again. I am once again.... sick.

I have probably run myself into the ground once again, and I have nobody to blame but me. But even though I had spent New Years Day without a voice, and slept the entire afternoon away, I'm still feeling pretty fantastically upbeat.

New Years Eve was spent exactly the same as I have the last few years, running up and down the block banging pots with wooden spoons at the strike of midnight, and shouting "Happy New Year!" to all our neighbours. There has been a few years where families have come out to watch our insanity of a parade (of my cousins and friends), and joined in on the cheer and shouted back "Happy New Year!". This year, some of the families had come out to set off fireworks. Gotta say, it's my kind of New Years Eve party. Board games and wine with the cousins, and then noise-making and fireworks at midnight. I hope that'll never change.

We woke up this morning to do dim sum with the same cousins. It's great when we're all in the exact same sluggish mood. And there's nothing better than chowing down on some greasy, yummy Chinese food after a great night of partying.

After a long afternoon nap, KDer, Ray and I made a roadtrip out to visit our friend, Wendy, out in Langley. We've made so many jokes about how incredibly far Langley is from Vancouver (about a 45 minutes drive), so when Wendy invited us over for a get-together tonight, we all joked that we were "too busy". The get-together ended up getting cancelled because Cliff was feeling under the weather, but we decided to drive out to Langley anyway to surprise Wendy with a birthday cake. We dropped it off and didn't stay, and drove the 45 minutes back home. Wendy totally felt the love. "You came all the way here for me?".

No, Wendy. Not really. (Haha).

Then KDer, Ray, and I met up with Vic and Mab, and we shared a whole lot of laughs chatting about Ray's dopplegangers (something between Alex Wong from SYTYCD and a philipino star named Lucky) over a couple bottles of wine.

My voice was hoarse and raspy at the beginning of the day, and now, practically non-existent. But still, I think the year has already gotten off to a pretty good start.

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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