Thursday, January 16, 2014

Justin Timberlake

So I'm admitting that I'm a fan of the once mickey fan club boy. We've watched him grow up from mickey fan club boy, to boy band, to now a rather spiffy-lookin' young man who's growing more class. Even though he's been in the entertainment business since young, he hasn't land himself in jail like the other Justin, and I applaud him for that. Have you seen him on the Jimmy Fallon Late Night show? Hilarious. That's what I think he is. A good entertainer. (In fact, he was on a lot of my friend's Top 5 "Which Celebrate Would You Love To Go On A Date With". Because if all else fails, at least you'd be entertained). Not that any of that really justifies the chunk of $$ that I've spent so far going to his concerts... but is there any need to justify...really...?

His last concert that I went to was about seven years ago. Amazing show. Rotating stages. A full-functioning bar on the floor. High energy Justin was bouncing all around the stage. Jen and I loved it. We were totally "fan-girling". (Just recently learned that term).

This time, seven-years-older Justin gained a little more class. In his "suit and tie". The music was pumpin'... changing the arena to a humungous dance club. My friends and I bopped and danced to the music. Nobody was sitting in their seats. He did a tribute to MJ. And when the stage rose and moved along the entire arena so that everyone at the concert got a pretty darn good close-up of Justin, we were all screamin'. Amazing!

I wasn't planning go... to spend another $--- dollars to see him. I thought of so many other things I could buy with that money. But I figured... the concert I saw seven years ago, I still remember it pretty clearly today. Good moments with good memories I think helps justify the pricetag. But is there any need to justify.... really...?

(Have a couple more concerts lined up to go this year. All very different from each other. Can't wait!)

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