Thursday, January 2, 2014

Burgoo (And Seasons)

This isn't right now, but it happened a few days before Christmas. Since I had the day off work today and recovering from the hustling and bustling of the holidays, I thought I'd do a little updating on what went down during the holidays (when I neglected to blog). 

Whenever it snows, I'm probably the first person to whine and complain about it. Don't get me wrong... it's gorgeous. But transportation in this city goes ka-put when it snows. Bus lines freeze. Roads don't get salted in time. Crazy drivers become crazier. I won't go into the stories of how one year, I spent three hours trying to bus to work (which is usually a 10-15 mins drive away) or how I had to spend the night at my cousins because I was stranded. 


I really do love the snow. When I didn't care so much about getting to places on time, (when I was in school), winter (with snow) was my favorite season. It's gorgeous. It's serene. It's romantic. 

You really don't know what how beautiful winter is without snow. The air is crisp outside. Your nose and cheeks get a little rosier. And when return inside after being out in the cold, the heat generates such warmth that gives you both a sense of satisfaction and appreciation. Even a cottage-like restaurant becomes even cozier. 

Kder, Bran and I met up at Burgoo (yes, on Main St.!) one night, a few days before Christmas. I miss these intimate girls night, where we eat and chat guilt-free about Vampire Diaries. The fake frost on the windows, the woody cabin-feel atmosphere, and us layered in our sweaters and scarves, is the perfect setting for winter.

We ordered a few warm meads and eggnog rum to warm our bellies and get into the holiday spirit. This was our more adult version of Christmas In A Cup, and we love it. 

It is very rare when the girls meet up that we have no food. So, we ordered a yummy brie fondue made with roasted garlic, honey and white wine. It was the perfect accompaniment to our fantabulous night. 

This is one of the reasons I love Vancouver. It comes with all four seasons. Of course, when it's cold, you wish it's warm. And when it's warm, you well... most likely love that it is warm. But, I do honestly enjoy all four seasons that we get. I cannot imagine missing out on colourful Autumn leaves, the crisp winter air with the ground covered in snow, and even the Spring showers. But for this particular season... I think Burgoo's a pretty cool place to hang out. We might just have to add warm mead, eggnog rum, and fondue to our list of witner traditions. 

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