Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Eve

I haven't yet really had the chance to stop and look back at 2011, but to feel it from memory, I gotta say that 2011 was one year of learning and growing. And I love it.

I didn't take any new classes or travel any place new - as I normally would do one, the other or both. I haven't changed a lot in my life to prove any lessons learned. No great big milestones (aside from turning 30 and becoming the "next category" in some age check box lists). But, this may be by far one of the greatest year of learning in the past little while.

It's not something that's easily explained. But it certainly has a lot to do with life experiences, building character and creating layers. But most importantly through it all, life is about perspective. It is much to do with how you see it from inside you. This blog has given not just you, but me, the snippets of what I choose to slow down and see and enjoy. And that was my one secret resolution at the beginning of the year. To learn to enjoy whatever it is thrown at me. No matter good or bad. Big or small. Enjoy it.

It sounds almost silly to be asked to enjoy hardships and trials in our days. But it is those days where it is even more important to do so. On a cloudy, stormy day... enjoy the coziness of indoors and snuggle with a book. When your friend confides in you with horrible news, sit with them in quiet and listen. When family are going through troubles, take an afternoon and walk out for a cup of coffee and forget the rest. What you will realize is, through the grey, bad, and uglies... what you  feel and remember and enjoy, is that good book, the quality quiet time you spent with your friend, and that amazing cup of coffee. There is a lot in enjoying the small things. You just gotta choose your perspective.

This post is vague, and I was going to apologize for it but I'm not gonna. Maybe I'll explain it all in the new year, and maybe I won't. But if you've read this far... you might as well keep sticking around.

I'd love to write so much more, but I've got one more morning shift to work this year, and then a countdown party that's guranteed to last till midnight. So, to all who's been tuning in... I wish you all a very happy new year!

Welcome, 2012!

*   *   *   *   *

Wow, I cannot believe it. I started this blog one year ago - on January 1, 2011... and it's still trucking along. There's a consistent influx of readers a day... which has recently switched from mostly Canadian readers to Americans. The only importance of that is, y'mean my readers aren't majority my friends at home? One year and close to 13,000 views later, I'm ready to make this blog even better next year. I keep clicking on the "Mosaic" format and scrolling up and down to see my year in a nutshell. It's been a fun ride!

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