Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meet Lyla

Face palm! Knowing who's baby-sitting her...

This is Lyla. She is such a cutie patootie! Babysat her while her daddy brought her mommy out on a dinner date for mommy's birthday.

At the beginning of the night, she wondered where her parents went. We had to fib a little and told her her parents went out to pick up milk. Still, she wondered where her parents went. So, we tried to distract her with a cartoon on TV. And where are all the cartoons on a Friday night?

She was soon mezmorized by the Christmas Special episode of the Family Guy where Santa... gets killed. (The only cartoon we could find!). She laughed when that happened. Gosh. She's young. She won't understand. We... hope. If only her parents knew... (Is this post going to ban me from any future babysitting duties?? I hope not. I love me some baby time.)

Meanwhile, we made some "Gow Jee's" (potstickers) from scratch. They were super delicious and so easy to make. Lyla loves them! No MSG. And probably a lot more healthy than the store bought version. I should really make these more often.

Man... try cooking and tending to a child. One hard feat. I give crazy props to all those mommies out there!

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