Friday, December 23, 2011

Homemade Goodies

These were both baked from the same muffin tins. The first one is a decadent chocolate fudge cupcake. The second is Christmas stuffing.

I went over to Wendy and Sam's to drop off a lil somethin' for Christmas. In return, I got homebaked goodies. Mmm.... Wendy baked the cupcake (which was dessert for their family Christmas dinner), and Sam baked the stuffing (which was also leftovers from their Christmas dinner). That is just so you know why the strange combination...

I have to admit, Sam is still the better cook. That stuffing was so good... completed with bits of apple that added a something sweet to it. But, not to say the cupcake wasn't also decadent. Wendy, you definitely got style. Look at the presentation of that cupcake! Beauuuuutiful.

(Yes Wendy, your cupcake is now officially on my blog!).

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