Friday, December 9, 2011

Singing Christmas Tree at the Broadway Church

We are always up for soaking up all the Christmas goodness, so a bunch of us girls met up to check out the Singing Christmas Tree at the Broadway Church. I can't believe it's on its 44th anniversary, and I've only started hearing about it this year. Kat mentioned that it's pretty good, and then Andrew mentioned it's worth checking out... so we had to see. Better yet? It's free. (Donations accepted for the church).

Apparently, they change up the story and theme, and this year, the story was based in Hawaii. Simple, and heart warming story about faith. The choir (yes, those are real heads to that Christmas tree!) was wonderful. And the individual singing performances were amazing. We didn't get the free tickets beforehand, so we were in the standby line to get in... which made us almost the last ones in in an enormous church. Our seats weren't the best, so we couldn't see everything, but overall... with the live orchestra and performances... I enjoyed it very much. All the talk of Hawaii... now I want to go back!

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