Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baking Cookies

Even with all the happy news and events around me, I can't help but still feel a little out of sorts lately. Nothing I could really pinpoint other than the fact that I am still trying to recover from my injury. Perhaps it's this long waiting-to-recover process that is making me a tad antsy. Actually, it most likely is because of it. 

I'm back at work doing four hours a day this week. When my coworkers were shoo'ing me out the door when my four hours was up today, I had a longing to stay at work. That definitely shows I'm out of sorts. Who rather be at work? 

So, even though my ankle was throbbing a bit today and my knee was bugging me, I still felt the urge to go out and pick up a few loose ingredients to baked up a storm in the kitchen. Do you ever get that? You just have to make or do something that perhaps distracts you from whatever it is that's making you feel out of sorts? Nutella chocolate chip cookies it was . The crunchy-on-the-edges-but-chewy-in-the-center kind. Absolutely nothing fancy about it. I just wanted some rustic, comfort food. 

After it was all done, and the house was filled with the aroma of something yummy baking in the oven, I sat back and propped my feet up on the couch... and slowly enjoyed my delicious cookie with a cold glass of milk in my bright orange mug. ( I balanced it with a mini bowl of raw veggies and fruit - if there is any kind of balance to sugar at all).

And that's all I needed.

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