Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indian Night

I haven't mentioned it here much, but for the past several months, my friends and I have been doing a whole lot of cooking. It started with just three of us wanting to try something new and make an excuse to hang out. We started off with Korean night. Then, there was Japanese, Malaysian, and this month... Indian. Now, there are about 8 of us in our little cooking "club". And the 8 of us set out to make some mighty delicious Indian food last week.

Every month is a different ethnic food. The one rule is that everything (or most things) have to be made from scratch. We would all search up our own recipes from the internet, buy our own ingredients, and bring everything over to Kat's, where we all cook together. 

It takes two people to open a bag of basmati rice. And even then, somehow a knife ended up piercing a hole in the bag.

Eddie and his gigantic onions. Francis dangerously chopping up his ingredients.

I measured out all my spices on a plate while patiently waiting for a stove top to clear up.

Kat's tandoori chicken before it went into the oven.

That's a box of band-aid. Someone needed it. Guess who.

The group cozying up in the kitchen.


Dan kneads his dough for his naan, while Bran chops up garlic for his topping.

Kat is ready to plate her food.

Fran's mulligitawny soup simmering in the pot.

Presentation is key.

Maria's butter chicken. Made the night before since she had to work a little late.

My aloo gobi all ready to be served. Turned out better than I expected.

Everyone's phones going off every five or ten minutes, timing their own cooking time.

Fresh naan right out of the oven - good job, Dan!

Fran's soup starts off the night of amazing good eats! Everything was so yummy. We always make enough so that all of us would have delicious lunches for work the next day. My brother was lucky to have a flavourful, tasty lunch the next day too.

Was too busy eating at this point to take any more photos, but will post one more later. Eddie's epic lamb curry and Bran's chickpea and paneer...

Next month : Thai.

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