Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finding Giddiness In An Avacado Smoothie

I came home from a closing shift knowing that I wanted a treat. To celebrate the end of a 40-hr week. I didn't necessarily want something bad for you, but just a treat. I wanted to try an avacado smoothie. (Avacadoes have good fats, that counts as something good, right?). I've heard about them, but have never tried. So, I made up my own recipe of half an avacado, milk, condensed milk, ice, and water... and threw it all into my trusty Magic Bullet. The end result was absolutely to die for. Decadently rich and sweetened perfectly. It was refreshing. 

I was going to save the experiment for a hot, sunny day... but since that doesn't seem to be a part of the weather forecast in the near future, what the hey, tonight was just as good as any. 

Yes, celebrating the end of a 40-hr week. My first 40-hr week in 5 weeks. It's been 5 weeks of waiting for my sprains to recover, and I'm still counting. To be honest, there has been a few moments of utter frustration in between. I've cursed myself for being careless. I've wished that I could walk properly. It's put me down a couple of times. But for the most part, I believe it just takes time and it'll get better. 

Y'see, before the accident, I was looking to purchase a bike. I wanted to pick up cycling again. Something I've been wanting to do for some time. I spent several days off going around town testing out bikes and looking for the one I want. I had made up my mind before taking my trip down south (where I ended up getting the sprains) and was planning to purchase my bike the day after I came home. While down there, I bought two brand spankin' new runners to motivate me to pick up running again too. I was stoked. Excited. Giddy even. When I was test riding some of the bikes, I got these moments of unexpected pure bliss. I couldn't wait. And it would be all for me. It's been a while... since I've been so giddy.

Only I know how disappointing it really was when I came home with two horrible sprains and knowing that it'll be a long while before I could do either of those things. Cycling put on hold. Running put on hold. Physiotherapist said expected recovery time will be four to six weeks. Now, at five weeks, he said it's more realistic for a "noticeable improvement" at twelve weeks. 

For once, I wish I could stand all day at work. For once, I'm glad it's pouring rain outside on a summer day. For once, I want to be selfish... and say, hey, this really sucks and I won't pretend to be okay and cool about it.

But for now, I'll continue to find my giddiness elsewhere. In smaller things. Like today's avacado smoothie. It was soo yummy I can't wait to have it again. 

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