Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chau Veggie Express

I've been to Chau once in the summer, and since then, I've been thinking of going back. I remember the loads of veggies (well, it is a vegetarian place after all), and the fragrant asian flavours. I love that there's a little trendy coffee shop that it is partnered with right next door. Anyway, as mentioned, I wasn't really up for celebrating anything birthday related, but I was up for a casual dinner with friends. So, since I've been wanting to go back to Chau, I suggested we all meet there.

I think we were all hungry by the time we met up at 8pm, so the five of us ordered practically everything on their menu. We sat on the Satori side of the restaurant (the coffee shop), just because there was more room there.

We had pho-like noodles, a dry coconut noodle dish, green papaya salad, a veggie rice roll, curry, and probably a few other things that I cannot remember. I ordered a tamarind citrus soda which I found sour - just to my liking. To be honest, the food wasn't as exciting and great as I remember it to be. Don't get me wrong. It was all still pretty delicious, but I guess the trouble came with ordering everything. When some dishes were comparatively more flavourful than others, it made some dishes seem rather bland. In other words, the dishes don't compliment each other, and they aren't suppose to. I think, it would be best to just order what you feel like and not mix - whether it be a light noodle soup or a heavier curry noodle.

Eating all those veggie dishes (with friends who don't particularly like veggies in general... whoops! oh well), made it seem less guilty to go for a dessert run afterwards. All of us ended up at the Keg near Willingdon, because I was craving their mud pie. And now that, if you haven't tried, is certainly something worth splurging your calories on. Mmm...

The signs of aging are definitely showing through our conversations. We've now come to chat about our own aches and pains, and deteriorating vision. We certainly shared a lot of laughs... and silly stories... and I love that. I miss that. It was a relaxing and chill kinda night. Absolutely fitting for our aging bodies. Ok, I'm kidding. We're not that old.

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