Monday, November 4, 2013

Dressing for Vancouver Weather

I'm baffled how I've lived in Vancouver for so long and not own a pair of rainboots. Vancouver weather can be tricky. It could be rainy and cold one minute, and sunny and hot the next. Especially during the Spring and Fall seasons when weather is changing. But one thing is for sure... we get a lot of rain here. Some ask how we put up with it being gloomy so many days out of the year. I guess it comes with being rewarded with luscious greenery surrounding us with the rain watering our gorgeous trees, grass and plants. More greenery, aside from its beauty, to me also means more fresh air. To be honest, everytime I get off a plane and come home, I feel the difference in air quality. Anyway, a little more rain doesn't really hurt. Plus, we got the rest of the Vancouverites in this city to complain to about how gloomy and wet it is outside. (Oh yah, we do comment on the weather a lot here). 

So... here comes my rainboot hunting adventure that has been lasting years. My problem with finding THE perfect rainboot, or any rainboot for that matter, is that they don't fit. I have the problem that a lot of girls have with boots. My calves don't fit in a lot of them. And with my height (or there lack of), I just don't think I can pull off short boots. (They make my legs seem shorter). So, I've been putting up with a lot of soggy shoes and wet socks while I try to find something that I like. 

I've actually given up on looking at tall boots (after my crazy incident in trying to convince myself that I fit in Hunters... I could put them on, but had a hard time taking them off, and was almost convinced that that was ok). So how I found these boots that I recently bought... came almost like it was fate. 

After a morning of brunching with the girls (re: last post), we took a stroll along Main St., and we ended up at a cute, unique shop called Much & Little. I mostly do window shopping along Main St., because their one-of-a-kind selections are usually a little pricier. We decided to pop into Much & Little to check out their fancy table mats and cool wooden sunglasses, and that was when my friend, Bran, spotted these rainboots. She knew I was (always) looking for a pair, so she told me to try them on. With little to no hope that they would fit, I was close to not trying them on. But after feeling how light-weight and soft the rubber was, I thought what-the-hey. 

And this comes my lesson of never losing hope. The back of the boots gives a lot, so I was able to fit them comfortably! And surprisingly, they are super lightweight for a pair of high rainboots. I was sold instantly. I didn't even so much care about the price considering how long I've waited for boots that fit, but they weren't so bad at $155. (The $129 pricetag on the photo is from a different website). The interesting story behind these boots is that they're actually boots made in Japan for rice paddy fields. And they're foldable so that you could carry or travel with them. A big rubber band is provided for you to tie them up as shown in the picture. I've already worn them out and I absolutely LOVE them. So, if you have the same calves problem as I do, go check out these boots! 

I also discovered a relatively new shop nearby called Main + 8th, that sells brands like Vera Moda. Trendy and relatively inexpensive stuff. Okay, I think you guys get the point. I'm loving Main St. 

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