Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Red Cups

OH, the red cups are in! Yes, I'm talking about Starbucks. That means two months of the holiday spirit!

There is no doubt that Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, hence the title of my blog. I do have to say though that even with the red cups and the Christmas songs already playing at work, I'm not into it just yet. But, I will not turn away a red cup. On a cold day, like most days starting now until the next little while, I most definitely can enjoy a half-sweet peppermint hot chocolate. And red cups just seems to help make me feel a little more warm and fuzzy inside.

I hope I remember to screenshot some of the conversations I have with my girls. Fun to see how our crazy and sometimes neurotic convos evolve as we umm... age.

I received a text from Lily all the way across the country in TO : "Christmas windows are up at Holts!!! The windows totally reminded me of you!". A simple text to let you know someone's thinking about you ... sometimes, you don't even need red cups or a season to get the warm and fuzzies.

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