Saturday, November 9, 2013

Circle Craft Christmas Market @ The Vancouver Convention Centre

I check out the Circle Craft Christmas Market every year. Different stands made up of BC and Canadian artisans showcasing their work such as glassware, clothing and jewelry, pottery, toys, and more. If I find anything neat, I like to pick up most of my Christmas shopping from these kind of markets. I already made a good start to the shopping!

A tip for parking when going to the Vancouver Convention Centre on a weekend : park at the EasyPark right under the Vancouver Club. The entrance to the parkade is on Cordova St. I thought perhaps all parking lots in the same area are about the same price, so I had originally skipped my usual plan, and went into an Impark parkade on Burrard and Canada Place. The cost for all-day parking in that lot was $25! I drove right out after realizing the price, and drove around the corner to park at the usual parking lot that I park at, and it was only $7 for all-day parking (which is cheaper than if the three of us that went in my car decided to take public transit). The funny thing is, when we were trying to figure out how to get out of the parking lot, we ended up walking through the $25 parking lot to get to the Convention Centre, because the two lots are connected. So essentially, you could park in the same lot for less than a third of the price. Tricky.

Anywya, Little Sarah was such an entertainer at the fair. She was hyper on fatigue, and was giggling non-stop while wanted to touch every Christmas tree. Afterwards, we said goodbyes to Jen and Anth, and the rest of us (Kat, Ray, Rex and I) grabbed a bite to eat at Tap and Barrel... and took home a little souvenir. (Hah). We topped it off with a cup of hot chocolate from Leonidas. So good... if you haven't tried. I like the milk chocolate version. I prefer my hot chocolates more milky than chocolatey, but I heard the darker chocolate ones are good too. And that all made it a pretty darn good day.

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