Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Whip

Continuing with my trend of eating and shopping my way down Main St., I met up with KDer and  Bran for a girls brunch this morning at The Whip. I don't know why I loved that their Halloween decorations were still up. It was almost like a lazy, late morning recovering after a good night of partying.

The first time I came here  was half a year ago when I came for a first date. I remember walking out having a good feeling about the guy, only unsure how he felt the date went, but quickly shrugged it off thinking about how I should come back for brunch again. And ever since then, I've been coming here a lot, and have absolutely fallen in like with it. Although busy, I've never had to wait for more than ten minutes (I usually go around 11am on a weekend). It gives me a chill and laidback kinda feel. I love the sunlight spilling in through the many windows, that just seems to go perfectly well with easy breakfast food. Their menu is just right with enough selections. Everything is simple. I do enjoy a more complicated fricasse in a warm skillet like the one from Cafe Medina from time to time, but there are days when I just want everything simple. Bennies are made with a just the right amount of hollandaise. Their hash is made with both yellow potatoes and yam. Nothing fancy. I had the roasted veggie omelette this time, and it was just what I wanted.

It was a nice and relaxing morning with the girls. It was almost like my send-off brunch with them since one is going to London the next day, and the other to New York. What lucky ducks. We chatted about all the good things to eat and do abroad, and all the shopping to be done. It was a splendid late start to a gorgeous Autumn day.

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