Sunday, February 26, 2012

Been A Little Busy

There are days when you find you don't have anything else to do but chores. And then there are other days when you feel a little bit extra creative, inspired or motivated. What was suppose to be a quick drop-by-and-say-hi to a friend turned into a four hour long macaron making class. I loved all the little tips and secrets that Kat taught me, and much of it was time, patience and precision. Making macarons perfectly is no easy feat! It isn't fast either.

So, just a little tidbit of what I've been up to. So many more posts and photos coming up. I've been updating my blog in a not so chronological matter. Depends on the photos I have on hand. Either from my cameras or my phone. Depends on the length of what I write. Depends on when I decide to hit the "publish" button. So, if you are so inclined to read every post... I've been posting randomly from December 2011 till now. You can click around those three months and see what you've missed.

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