Thursday, February 9, 2012

David Choi at The Rio Theatre

I was excited for this one even though the last YouTube concert was a bust. C'mon, it's David Choi. If you're a YouTube junkie, specifically for independent music artists, you'd know about David Choi. I love his music. And I think that says something when it comes to YouTubers. I love his music. Not the covers that they all seem to do. But music that he wrote and performed himself. Anyway, without much further ado...

A group (which you can also find on YouTube) called New Heights opened for him. I've never heard of them before tonight but glad that I did 'cause they're also pretty good. The one on the most right is called Taco. I loved him 'cause he was quite the character. Kat was swooning over their mad guitar skills. Serenading with a guitar is sometimes all a girl needs...

Check out a New Heights video here :

Kat, Bran and I all agreed on really enjoying the opening act put on by New Heights. The night was off to a good start. Other people on our friends list who were also at the concert facebooked the same thoughts.

Then, David Choi came on stage.

I loved every single song he performed from his Forever And Ever album. Some sad. Some joyous. But all amazing. He was entertaining. And real. You know the things he said on stage were not rehearsed, and kinda went with the flow.

Those aren't really empty seats but just that half the room had gone up to the side of the stage.

After the show, I am even more in love with his music. Definitely have to check out getting his album. Glad I made it to this considerably smaller gig as I'm imagining David Choi becoming more and more mainstream. I've already heard his music playing at a supermarket. Go David Choi!

Thanks Bran and Kat for joining me on my YouTube music adventures! Next up... Kina Grannis.

Check out a David Choi original :

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