Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Vow And Always Meeting Back At Thierry

On a super dreary, miserable, rainy Friday afternoon, I trekked down to downtown to meet up with Wendy and Karen. Downtown is not my most favorite place to go on an ugly evening especially during rush hour, but hanging out with some of my bestests somehow overrides it all. As I'm slowly weaving my way through small streets in hopes to get downtown in record time (because God forbid that I'm late meeting up with punctual Wendy), I'm listening to some of my favorite David Choi tunes. It calms me somehow. Made it in record time indeed. I have my mystery back road to downtown during rush hour that never fails me.

We had a quick dinner at Guu Thurlow. Why we picked one of the most busiest and smallest restaurants in downtown when we're in a rush... who knows. We spent more time waiting for a table than eating, but the food was so yum. I always enjoy dinner time with these two 'cause the craziest conversations come out of them... so much so that I wish we weren't in a rush to go watch a movie. 

But, Wendy was set on watching The Vow. And it had to be that day. And nothing was getting in her way of it. We already made her wait an extra week trying to coordinate our schedule to watch it together. 

Of course, Wendy being Wendy wanted us to buy tickets in advance... while Karen and I laughed at her anxiousness, and said, "You seriously think The Vow's going to sell out?". 

........ who told anyone to listen to Karen and I anyway?? 

Yes. We made it in time to the theatres to find out that it was indeed full. 


She didn't mean any one of us. She meant anyone. Karen and I looked at each other and then looked at her. Leave it to Wendy to become melodramatic over missing out on a rom-com. Karen and I laughed. "Who would have thought that they would be full." 

Luckily, we were suppose to watch the 8pm show. And there was still the 10pm show left. "Did you want to watch the 10pm show then?", Karen proposing the question to Wendy. 


So, we were left with two hours to kill. I'm not sure where we killed time before Thierry opened, 'cause it's now starting to become routine to always end up back at that same place. With a birthday party inside, we were forced to sit outside. Under covers and a heating lamp, it was probably better anyway. So on a cold, dreary and miserable winter night... we missed our movie and ended up hanging outside. And even so, we're always in good spirits.

Fuzziness is what you get when trying to take a photo too quick.

Wendy kept complaining about her soggy socks. The rain had soaked through her pants and socks leaving her super uncomfortable. "I really don't want to sit through the movie with my wet socks. I know, I'll take off my shoes during the movie and air them out." 

Karen and I then argued about who should be the lucky one to sit next to her.

"Why don't we go to the Bay and you can buy some clean, dry socks?" Karen proposed.

So, right before the movie, we ended up at Roots. Wendy had to choose one of the most expensive pair of socks out of the most expensive place (that was still open). She rolls like that. And to boot, (or, to socks), she had to pick these. 

The most colourful socks to mismatch her neon yellow and grey runners. And wore them hiked up just like that. I doubt Wendy's fashion sense will become the next trend setter. 

But then again, The Vow did sell out.

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