Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowshoeing On Mt. Seymour

I managed to scrape  the back of my foot with my boots on the walk up from where we parked to the lodge where we picked up our snowshoes. While patching up my cut with a bandaid, I somehow managed to cut my finger. Then... I lost my toque. Or so I thought. I also thought I lost Jen's gloves. The ones she told me to help her hold on to. All of that before we even made it to pick up our snowshoes. Might as well get all the mishaps over with.

After an hour or so of waiting, we finally picked up our snowshoes.

We strapped them on and are ready to go.

Finally hitting the trails.

Our beautiful playground. We are pretty lucky to get this so close to home.

Ming leading the way.

It was a pretty busy day up at Mt. Seymour. The weather was absolutely perfect. Glad I spent the morning enjoying the great outdoors and the crisp and cool winter air. It was a good workout even though the hills were no where near the infinite climb we did at Mt. Baker a few years ago with hardcore Freddie and company. A great day for snowshoeing.

On the way back to the car, I almost walked into a rusty pole that was sticking out of a truck. Would have smashed my face into it had my friends not yelled out, "WATCH OUT!". 

Ahh, mishaps aside... it was a good day.

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