Monday, February 13, 2012

Christmas... Or Horlick, In A Cup

Even though our winter has been mild, the nights have been still pretty cold. I was comfortable in my bum clothes, and layers of it too, but still needed to pull my thickest wool jacket over me like a blanket. And even then, my hands were almost numb. I made a brief comment, "Gee, it's cold tonight." Moments later, I've forgotten. I was too engulfed into my TV show. The Walking Dead has finally come back after their prolonged Christmas break and I was excited.

So much so that I didn't realize Ming had left the room and come back. It wasn't until a commercial break that I noticed a cup placed right in front of me. "Is this mine?".

Without turning away from his computer screen, (probably checking his facebook or for the millionth time), he said, "Yup."

Ahh, it was hot, hot, hot and creamy Horlick. I could feel my fingers again after wrapping hands around the cup. I was content before, but now I was also warm and cozy.

Hmm, I didn't even have to ask. Y'know, despite all the grief he puts me through with all the horrible name-calling and teasing, and jokes he throws at me that make me shake my head while he chuckles to himself... he can be a nice guy.

( But... maybe I should stop letting him read my blog. 'Cause after more than one  different occasion, he would intentionally or unintentionally do something nice, and then say, "see, small gestures". (Re : "Small gestures" post. ) Buddy, you don't have to say it... ).

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