Friday, February 10, 2012

Rubens Chocolates

Some call these chocolate. Some call these art. Some call these chocolate art. 

I call these dangerous. 

Y'know, my favorite is still a good ol' piece of plain milk or dark chocolate. Although I enjoy and eat pretty much any chocolate under the sun (minus the flavoured-cream filling ones), my favorite is still a plain ol' piece of milk or dark chocolate. Lindt balls. Dove. Ahh, you name it. 

Even though I don't love flavoured chocolates as much as plain chocolates, they are considerably more dangerous. 'Cause... I want to try out all the flavours. Caramel. Vanilla. Citrus. Lavender. Green tea.  Whatever they have inside... 

You pop one, then you want to pop another. Eek. 

Ming's friends should really stop giving him food, sweets and treats. 

Or... I should stop digging into all his edible gifts. 

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