Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Broken Conversation

Me : All this buzz about Jeremy Lin
Me : (Watching youtube video of Jeremy Lin playing) Can you play bball like he does when you play on the weekend??  (purposely asking a stupid question) Maybe you're so tall because you're meant to be a basketball player just like Jeremy Lin but you missed your calling.
Ming : He's on a roll...
Ming : But he has a high turnover vs. assist ratio
Ming : and... you won't understand what I'm talking about ...
Ming : ...turnover means giving up the ball to the other team due to your own error

Perhaps that's why we get along. We're not listening to each other half the time and talking to ourselves while believing the other IS listening. There's a whole lot of "Are you listening to me??" from both parties.

Always answered with a "I always listen to you".

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