Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Keg and Jason Chen

This was the reason why we ended up at the Keg. 

I had to take a photo of Kat's stack of gift cards. She chose the Keg so we could use up her Keg card. Didn't realize it was Dine Out Vancouver until we got there... so we thought, what the hey. Might as well. 

I know about Kobe beef and Wagyu...  and Gotham's and Joe Forte's. But when I want steak, I always go to the Keg. And for me, they never disappoint. I love it. Au naturale. Their creamy mashed potatoes... and that ice cream dessert... oh my goodness, absolutely to die for. Don't believe me? Seriously, you gotta try that dessert (which is on their regular menu). We quickly fell into a food coma, but were alert enough to make our way to the Vancouver Croation Centre for Jason Chen's concert. 

If you haven't heard of Jason Chen, he is a YouTuber from the States. He does many song covers over YouTube, and I've listened to his songs and watched his videos enough to want to buy a ticket and attend his concert in Vancouver. I dragged Kat and Bran along. 

Sad to report however, his concert just did not deliver. The opening act was longer than the actual concert... if you can even call it a concert. (The first opening act was good though. Unfortunately, I didn't catch his name. All I remember was that he's Italian and likes to drench balsamic vinegar in everything he eats). Jason Chen might have sang all of two full songs, and snippets of a few other songs here and there. I'm surprised he charged people admission for a show that was obviously not really well prepared. Very disappointing. 

(He didn't even play one of his originals like this one!)

But... at least I got to hang out with my girls.

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