Monday, February 27, 2012

Korean Food Night

Few weeks ago...

On a whim, we decided to do a Korean Food Night. We would pick a Korean dish (or two), and we would make whatever we chose... mostly in one kitchen. Just another excuse for the gals to hang out, share some cooking recipes and tips, and of course, devour good food. 

This is what I started off with. A marinate for my bulgogi. To be honest, before I started researching recipes for bulgogi, I didn't really know exactly what it was. I just knew that bulgogi is a Korean dish and had something to do with meat. 

The place to hit up for Korean ingredients would of course be a Korean supermarket. I chose H-Mart (just because I happened to be in the area of one). Got myself some ribeye.

Marinated my meat two hours prior to heading over to Kat's.

When you go to a Korean restaurant, very often, they will give you a starter side dish of this potato dish. There are times that I'd like it so much that I wish it was more than just a side dish. Kat chose to make these potatoes... and since we decide on our portions, umm... let's just say the potatoes was enough to feed a family.

Kat concentrates on making her Japchae just right. Starting off with the colourful vegetables.

This is what the potato noodles look like before cooked.

The finished product! Doesn't that look so good?? (One of my favorite Korean dishes).

My turn. Made Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake). 


Made a little dipping sauce on the side.

Then it was Bran's turn. 

A little bit spicy and a lot of yummy!

While Bran was at the stove, I was at the grill. Bulgogi coming right up.

Super flavourful marinate. (I made it again the next day and bro also liked it). 

Bran also made a second starters side dish. The seaweed one. Mmm....

Some things we learned : Korean food is pretty easy to make. Everyone's food was super yummy. We made so much food, we called a few friends to come over to feast. Another thing we learned, Korean dishes are almost always sprinkled with sesame seeds.

It was one successful night! So much fun spending hours cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the girls.

At the end of the night, Kat had goodie bags for all of us. The last time I got a farewell goodie bag was probably at someone's birthday party in elementary school. I got the same delightful feeling as I did when I once got those as a kid.  What could be inside?

Here it is! A Korean soap, David Choi (korean youtube singer) CD, and some Korean face masks. Hostess with the mostess! Thanks Kat :)

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