Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brulee Crunch By Jacque Torres

One of my most absolute favorite chocolates is this Brulee Crunch made by the only Jacques Torres. I got a couple bars from Jen six years ago when she went on her trip to New York, and since then I've been hooked. I saved it for moments when I really wanted it and savored every piece.

People tell me that true chocolate lovers will gradually move onto dark chocolates for their rich and intense cocoa flavour (and also the fact that it's better for you), but as much as I love dark chocolates, I still have a place and moment for my creamy milk chocolates. It's a guilty pleasure.

This one, as all chocolates made by "Mr Chocolate", Jacques Torres, is extra creamy. The texture screams heavenly as it coats your mouth. Mr. Torres knows well when it comes to tempering his chocolate to this perfect creaminess. And with this brulee one, you get pleasant surprises in between with these tiny buttery crunchy bits. It really is a yummy combination.

So, ever since six years ago, whoever makes a trip to New York, I always ask, if convenient, that they help me bring back some of Brulee Crunch. I don't get it very often of course, which makes it extra special when I do! I just popped a square in my mouth and mmm mmm mmm...

Thanks, Bran!

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