Saturday, August 18, 2012

CliffWalk at the Capilano Suspension Bridge

This cliffwalk extends out from the rocks to the trees. The width of the walkway is just as wide as one person. I got a mild case of height phobia as I crossed the platform. It got increasingly so as I went further, but I know it was all mental. 

I crossed the cliffwalk with Lindsay, one of my cousin's kid. She's 9 years old. As we crossed this semi-circle path, she asked me a question.

Lindsay : Auntie Amie, if all the cables broke, would you scream? (Talking about the cables supporting the cliffwalk).
Me : Yes, I think I would.
Lindsay : I wouldn't.
Me : You wouldn't? What would you do?
Lindsay : I wouldn't scream. I'm just going to die. Everyone dies once. That just means I die early! (She says all this in her peppy, kiddie 9-year-old voice)
Me : So instead of screaming, you'll say "Oh well!". 
Lindsay : Yup! Oh well! 

Then she ponders what she just said, and adds...

Lindsay : But it would suck for my friends.

I tell ya... the things this kid says...

With every wild animal we came across, she would quietly say, "Auntie Amie, isn't it beautiful?".

The Capilano Suspension Bridge area has completely changed since I last visited. Although admission is a little pricey, I totally enjoyed it. For locals, one admission ticket gets you an annual pass. I've love to go again with the weather gets cold. It's actually quite a beautiful walk through the trees. I find myself the most content when I'm somewhere lost in a forest. If you can choose one place that you're most at peace, where would it be? 

Did I ever mention I have this strange infatuation with trees? I find them the most beautiful thing about nature. You can find people saying "Look at those beautiful roses and tulips", and you'll find me saying "Look at that gorgeous tree." I love their luscious green colour. It brings such life, energy, and freshness. I love their different shapes and sizes. Some cute. Some grandiose. I love how sunlight shines through their leaves. I love the different kinds of leaves. I love how easily you can find a starburst between its branches.

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